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GAB The GAB Scissor Crampon is designed to suit most types of boots and all level of activity. The horizontal frame of the crampon minimizes the snow-icing. Via its scissor action it has automatic width adjustment and therefore an optimal fitting of the points to the boot welt compared with crampons with a vertical frame.
Right side: the bottom side shows the ROTAFLEX adjustor which offers an extensive range to length-adjustment and is very simple by rotating the heel. TÜV-tested crampons!

Above: crampon design with front points designed for vertical ice-climbing.

Left side: the scissor design in combination with the front bail allows the use of a wide variation of boot shapes.

Left side: the packed volume is very small by folding it up

Left side: the heel clamp fits close to the boot shape and is suitable for most boot types. It offers an elevation adjustment to allow different sizes of the heel welt.


 GAB Scissor Crampons


Available models: 


Scissor Crampons Step-In  SCH-100-00


Scissor Crampons Step-In with vertical ice front point  SCH-200-00


Scissor Crampons Step-In with heel clamp and combination of front strap binding and front bail  SCH-300-00


Scissor Crampon with strap binding  SCH-400-00


Further products are available upon request or
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